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401k Plan Administrator

At SW Pension Services, we are a 401k profit sharing plan administrator for small companies in Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. We will help run most of the day-to-day tasks concerning your companies retirement plan. From making sure it follows all applicable laws for preparing employee benefit statements, we got you covered.

Administration Details

We can help construct and design a retirement plan for your company so it fits all of your needs. We are a 401k profit sharing plan administrator, we can also help structure Defined Benefit Plans, Cash Balance Plans, and Money Purchase Plans. Updating the plan is no problem for us. When regulations and new laws are formed that directly affect your plan, we will begin creating a new draft for your revised company retirement plan. We also closely monitor our clients' plans to make sure they are compliant with applicable laws to prevent any tax headache or legal issues in an Internal Revenue Service or Deparment of Labor audit situation.

Besides designing and monitoring your plan, we will perform compliance tests to make sure it is performing well and meeting all legal requirements. Revisions are normal for a company plan as it grows and changes over the years. As qualified plan administrators, we believe it is our duty to consult with our clients to help them improve their company plan. For most people, events such as financial turmoil, serious plan problems, and company mergers is like navigating through uncharted waters. This is where we can help our clients through the process of revising their plan and correcting problems.

Businessmen discussing a 401k retirement plan

Over the years we have seen company plans that have potential issues that can cause headache for everyone. We can look through your old company plan and help fix any issues that it may have. No matter the issue, we can help walk you through the process of resolving it.

We are a dedicated Third Party Administrator that can help design any kind of qualified retirement plan that works for you. We will make sure it is aligned with the goals you are trying to achieve in your company. We will take the responsibility of administrating your plan and completing all of the pertinent paperwork that goes along with your company plan. Taking all of the paperwork and worry off of your plate will allow you to grow your company. Please don't hesitate to contact our office today to get started with updating or starting a new retirement plan for your company! SW Pension Services: Your trusted 401k plan administrator.